Neshaminy Creek County Line IPA

Neshaminy Creek County Line IPAAs we were getting ready to go to Firefly Music Festival, I had to run out to purchase some beer for the extended weekend. Tough I had to buy beer in cans, I was actually quite excited to do so. Canned beer is one of my earliest memories of beer, specifically by Dad drinking Budweiser. That red and white can with its seal and label written in script was as intoxicating to a young boy as drinking a beer probably would have been.

I came across Neshaminy Creek County Line IPA at the liquor store. And Neshaminy Creek elicited more memories of living in Newtown, Bucks County where if we weren’t playing in local creek, we’d be riding our bikes out to Tyler State Park to play in the Neshaminy Creek or climb the high rocks on the Newtown side of the creek. Though as a 12-year-old, I didn’t drink beer, this IPA brought back memories.

I’m not much a beer writer, but it had a nice aroma and the first taste just hit the spot. I recommend it highly.