New Releases

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Title Author PubDate
Dark Chapter Winnie M. Li 6/1/17
Gitmo Shawn Corridan and Gary Waid 6/5/17
Give Up the Dead Joe Clifford 6/6/17
Down on the Street Alec Cizak 6/6/17
She Rides Shotgun Jordan Harper 6/6/17
Easy Motion Tourist Leye Adenle 6/13/17
The Force Don Winslow 6/20/17
Black Jaguar Against the Cool Clux Cult Angel Luis Colón 6/23/17
American Static Tom Pitts 6/26/17
Unsub Meg Gardiner 6/27/17
The Girl From Prague Rob Hart 7/11/17
The Fallen Ace Atkins 7/18/17
The Late Show  Michael Connelly 7/18/17
Lightning Men Thomas Mullen 9/12/17
Nail’s Crossing Kris Lackey 10/10/17
What We Reckon Eryk Pruitt 10/10/17
Full Service Blonde Megan Edwards 11/7/17
Two Girls Down Lousia Luna 1/9/18

Books I’ve Recently Missed But Want to Get To

If you think your book should be on this list, drop me a line.

Title Author PubYear
3 Women Walk Into A Bar Linda Sands 2015
August Snow Stephen Mack Jones 2017
Bad Luck City Matt Phillips 2016
The Black-Hearted Beat: Book 2 Jason Michel 2017
Blind to Sin Dave White 2017
Cannibals Jen Conley 2016
The Damp Fedora Kate Pilarcik 2016
Darktown Thomas Mullen 2016
Dodgers Bill Beverly 2016
The Eternity Fund Liz Monument 2016
Four Days Iain Ryan 2015
Gaijin Cowgirl Jame DiBiasio 2014
Gone Too Far Steven Suttie 2017
Grand Theft Cargo Linda Sands 2017
IQ Joe Ide 2016
Iron Goddess Dharma Kelleher 2016
Koreatown Blues Mark Rogers 2017
Miami Purity Vicki Hendricks 2010
A Negro and an Ofay Danny Gardner 2017
The Place of Refuge Albert Tucher 2017
Resurrection Mall Dana King 2017
Selena Greg Barth 2015
A Tree Born Crooked Steph Post 2014
Vern in the Heat Rob Pierce 2016
Zero Saints Gabino Iglesias 2015